Cleanly™ - Cleaning Hook for Sink Pipe

Cleanly™ - Cleaning Hook for Sink Pipe

Cleanly™ - Cleaning Hook for Sink Pipe

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The Must-Have for Your Home: The Cleanly™

Clogged pipes accumulating bacteria can quickly become a major inconvenience. Whether it's a clogged shower, bathtub, or sink, you no longer want to endure this discomfort. Not only does it disrupt your daily life and generate stress, but it also exposes you and your loved ones to a constant risk of bacteria and germs that can build up in stagnant water.

Farewell to worries, hello Cleanly™!

The multifunctional Cleanly™ puts an end to your problems! In just 5 minutes, you can unclog your pipe yourself and save time and money. This cleaning tool is a must-have for your home.

The Home Maintenance Revolution

Cleanly™ is not only a cleaning tool but also an essential tool that allows you to retrieve small objects that have fallen into the drain. No need to spend a fortune on unclogging your pipes. With Cleanly™, you can retrieve objects from the drain and unblock your pipes quickly and efficiently!

✔ Non-Toxic

No more risks with chemical pipe cleaners that can damage your pipes and jeopardize your family. With Cleanly™, you have the best non-toxic solution at your fingertips.

✔ Ease of Use

Simply insert the clawed end of Cleanly™ into the pipe and press the button. The claws will easily grip hair and debris.

✔ Flexibility and Durability

Cleanly™ is slim enough to be flexible but sturdy enough to withstand heavy loads. Its flexible design allows it to adapt to the shape of any pipe.

✔ Multifunctional

Cleanly™ can be used in drains and other hard-to-reach places. Whether you need to retrieve jewelry that has fallen into the drain or find keys under the sofa, Cleanly™ allows you to access places your hands can't reach.

✔ Efficiency

Cleanly™ is designed to penetrate the tightest spaces, and its robust claws can effectively remove even the most stubborn blockages. It's not only an incredibly slim gripping tool but also an essential for household cleaning.


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