Sticky® Invisible Waterproof Coating

Sticky® Invisible Waterproof Coating

Sticky® Invisible Waterproof Coating

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Transform Your Everyday with the Power of Sticky®

Every leak, every masterpiece, every material: nothing stands up to Sticky®. This water-based paste pushes the boundaries of your projects, ensuring waterproofing and protection with every application.

Your Next Essential Tool

Easy to apply with a brush, Sticky® lays down in a thin layer on any surface. Beyond its ease of use, it reinforces and seals, giving your works a flawless finish.

Maximum Protection, Minimal Effort

With Sticky®, say goodbye to concerns of corrosion or damage. From art to plumbing, benefit from exceptional resistance against the elements, UV rays, and chemicals.

✔ Efficiency - One application, and Sticky® springs into action, offering unparalleled and long-lasting protection.

✔ Simplicity - Even without being an expert, Sticky® is applied effortlessly for astonishing results.

✔ Durability - Water, UV, aggressive products: nothing can alter the work done with Sticky®.

✔ Eco-responsibility - Water-based, non-toxic and odorless, Sticky® respects your environment while preserving the quality of your surfaces.

✔ Versatility - Wood, metal, PVC: Sticky® adapts to everything, strengthening and protecting all your materials.


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