Versatile knife for shrimp line and fish swim bladder

Versatile knife for shrimp line and fish swim bladder

Versatile knife for shrimp line and fish swim bladder

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Free your kitchen from multiple bulky knives

Imagine a knife that can perform the tasks of several with a simple hand motion. Say goodbye to your heavy and cumbersome knives! Our knife is your ally for peeling whole shrimp and cleaning fish effortlessly.

A 5-in-1 Multifunctionality at Your Service

This delicate knife takes on complex tasks for you: removing shrimp veins, splitting, scaling, cutting, and gutting. It executes all these tasks perfectly. Nothing can resist it!

A dual-row blade design for unparalleled efficiency

Two rows of blades, one long and the other short, work in tandem to offer unprecedented versatility. The long blade is used to cut the heads of shrimp, split the fish, and remove shrimp veins. The short blade collaborates with the long one to scrape the belly of the fish, ensuring impeccable scale cleaning.

✔ Versatile - This knife is a versatile tool, designed to handle a multitude of complex culinary tasks with ease.

✔ Precise- Thanks to its dual-row blade design, it offers unparalleled precision, allowing you to prepare seafood and fish with astonishing ease.

✔ Comfortable- Thanks to German brushing technology, the knife's handle is non-slip and offers unparalleled comfort, so you won't tire even after extended use.

✔ Easy to Clean - The smooth texture of the knife makes it easy to clean. A quick rinse under water and it's good as new, ready to be used again.

✔ Durable - Our knife is made from food-grade stainless steel, it's wear-resistant and doesn't rust, guaranteeing exceptional durability.


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